The Comedy Cartel is a secretive, but talented bunch of filmmakers with a passion for the hardest of all genres: comedy. We know how to make people laugh (at gunpoint) and have the means to produce quality and entertaining content for a discerning audience. Comedy is a serious business - and it’s our business.


Ben Plazzer

director / writer

BEN PLAZZER director of 'The Heckler' (feature 2014), Noddy (Short 2015)

DAVE (Ten Pilot week 2018 ) and hActresses (Go! 2019).

Steve Mitchell

writer / producer

Steve Mitchell is an AWGIE-nominated writer who’s written for Rove and Good News World (Ch.10). He directed The Unusual Suspects (Tropfest finalist 2012), and recently produced his first feature film The Heckler acquired by Odin's Eye.

Ann Murison


ANN MURISON has been a regular writer of short films for the past twelve years and enjoys creating interesting characters and throwing them into absurd situations.

Paul Hughes


PAUL HUGHES is a Melbourne-based cinematographer.  His work includes the award-winning web series Cop Hard, co-directed by Jonathan auf der Heide, Alethea Jones and Oscar Redding, and recently the Cartel's feature The Heckler.

Lee Matthews


LEE MATTHEWS is a filmmaker passionate about producing engaging, entertaining screen content.  He has two feature films, three broadcast documentaries and some 15 short films under his belt.

“If My Film Makes One More Person Miserable, I’ve Done My Job”

– Woody Allen