Director:  Ben Plazzer

Format:  Pilot


Family man or funny man? It’s a struggle stand-up comic Dave O’neil knows all too well.


‘DAVE’ is the pilot written and starring Dave O’Neil aired on Chanel Ten’s Pilot Week. Based on Dave O’Neil’s real life hijinks as he attempts to balance his family and professional life and the inevitable chaos that ensues. Dave offers audiences a behind-the-scenes look at the life of a working comedian - filled with cameos from Australia’s greatest comics.

Synopsis: After being told he’s not famous enough, Dave needs to find a celebrity for the school fete and fast. When Glen Robbins won’t commit, Dave is forced to do a free gig for a footy club in return for them providing a famous football player for the fete. When both celebrities turn up at the fete it spells disaster for Dave.


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Director: Ben Plazzer

Screenwriter:  Steve Mitchell

Genre:  Comedy


A self-obsessed comedian on the fast track to fame, has his body hijacked by the spirit of a jealous heckler.


'The Heckler' is an 'out of body' comedy set in the world of stand-up clubs and populated by strangely familar characters. Starring Simon Mallory, CJ Fortuna, Kate Jenkinson and Emily Taheny and a selection of comics including Tony Martin and Jeff Green.



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Directors:  Ben Plazzer & Steve Mitchell

Format:  Web series


CJ Fortuna shares a beer with celebrated stand-up comedians and comedy actors in iconic bars.



This interview series is an informal one-on-one chat, inspired by Jerry Seinfeld's 'Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee'. The host, CJ Fortuna, shoots the breeze with his comedy colleagues, encouraging them to open-up on the highs and lows of a career in the spotlight. Whether it's Fiona O’Loughlin at the College Lawn or Dave Hughes at the Vineyard, the audience will feel invited to pull up a bar stool and join veteran comedians as they chat about their strangest gigs, their worst heckles and what they've learned along the way.



Director: Ben Plazzer 

Screenwriter:  Ann Murison

Genre:  Comedy (short)




Mark has spent the last decade standing behind politicians nodding and blending into the background. When he’s nominated for ‘Noddy of the Year’ he discovers that to be the best comes at a price - no one notices him anymore! Mark must decide what's really important - work or life.


Noddy won Best Film, Best Director and Best Screenplay and the penninsula Short Film Festival and was selected for Flickerfest Film Festival 2016 (inc National Tour), Revelation Perth, Heart of Gold and Over the Fence 18.




Director and Screenwriter:  Steve Mitchell

Producer: Ben Plazzer

Genre: Comedy (short)


Two inspectors interrogate an entertainer, who discovers that breaking the law is no laughing matter.


This Tropfest finalist was shot in a day and edited, packaged and sent to Tropfest 20 where it was officially selected. Utilising a minimalist set and packed with maximum laughs, 'The Unusual Suspects' promises more humour than its American counterpart 'The Usual Suspects'. 


Director: Ben Plazzer 

Screenwriter:  Ann Murison

Genre:  Comedy (short)




When office place bullying goes too far, the fist takes over.


‘Fist of Fury’ was made during the pre-production of a feature film called ‘The Heckler’. The Cartel decided it would be a great idea to use the short to familiarise the principal cast and crew before “shooting” commenced. Despite this fact, they still went on to make the feature.


“The wide screen reminds me of a roll of toilet paper”

– Yasujiro Ozu