The Heckler in Cinemas

'The Heckler' is launching in cinemas using a new “cinema-on-demand” platform called Tugg. It allows filmmakers to book any cinema, any time as long as they have enough people interested in watching that film at that session. This is an encouraging method for Aussie films where they often lose money because of low audience numbers.

Mr Mitchell said, “It’s difficult for home-grown films to cut through the noise of the mass marketed American Studio films and so it’s great to have Tugg on-board with us. Films like ours rely solely on word-of-mouth. And that takes time to build. By staging one-off event screenings at various locations over a longer period, we’re hoping to build momentum without spending a fortune on marketing.

“The main difference with this model is that patrons must book their tickets online in advance to guarantee the screening goes ahead, which involves changing people’s behaviour from simply turning-up at the cinema and seeing what’s on. We’re also adding value to our screenings by combining them with either a Q&A or a live stand-up comedy intro (which was a great success during the Comedy Festival).”

The film screenings and details can be seen online at or at www.

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